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Is it time to refresh your corporate photography?

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Corporate photography can cover a vast range of business collateral you may be producing. Many businesses will hire a photographer to take a bank of images to use across different platforms, like their website and social media. But you can use corporate photography for so much more than that.  Where can I use corporate photography? […]

Product Photography – what is it and do I need it?

What is product photography? Product photography is exactly what it says it is—photos of your products. (E-commerce photography is another way to describe it too.)  Product photography helps to sell your products online. The photos showcase your products on your website and social media channels. For solely online companies, product photography is a lifeline.  They’re […]

Should you use a professional photographer for your website photos?

The simple answer, yes absolutely, if you have the means to do so. The longer answer, still yes, but here’s why.  A person’s desire to read something is increased by 80% if there is a coloured image. And unless your website is an image only website, you need people to read the content on your […]

Corporate Photography, How To Prepare For A Shoot

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So, you’ve decided get some professional corporate photography done (hopefully it’s one of our Melbourne photographers), you’ve either booked your photoshoot, or you’re about to. And here you are, wondering how to prepare.  Well fear not, we’ve got a list of things to help get you started.  Involve your photographer in the process Have a […]

Product Photography For Your Business In Melbourne

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The best way to get the attention of your website visitors quickly is to display your product through effective and eye-catching photography. People tend to remember products when they are displayed visually rather than reading about them in text. We provide images that highlight the individual nature of your products or services to leave a […]


Product Photography Melbourne

Latest statistics reveal that as much as 80% of the advertising campaigns rely on photographs to display products, services, lifestyles and ideas. Although you can use catchy and fancy words or content to market your products or services, but pictures have more power to capture the attention of the target customers and get prompt response. […]

How Important Is A Page 1 Google Ranking?

We have had a lot of questions regarding search engine optimisation recently so we thought we would give you some information to try and clarify a few things. I know SEO is a pretty complicated task to try and get your head around so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you would like a chat and/or […]