headshotsIn today’s world, with access to the web being so easy and social media becoming more prominent than ever, photos of ourselves are everywhere. Whether you’ve found a person through a social channel or you’ve just Googled them, it does mean that nowadays, it’s likely you’ve seen someone before you actually meet them.

You no longer have the same opportunity to make a first impression when you meet someone face-to-face. In the business world, this is where headshots come in. 

LinkedIn, Twitter, websites – it pays to have a professional headshot to use on the platforms you’re using to market yourself and your professional career. 

Why are quality headshots important?

Phil Romeril, the owner of Marcadet and Entegra, Melbourne, says, “Headshots for us help our clients make bookings with therapists. They know who they’re going to see before they turn up, which could ease the potential anxiety of not knowing the therapist.”

  • They show you’re serious about yourself/your career/business – not that you can’t be without headshots. But it shows you’ve been willing to invest in yourself. 
  • It creates trust – with everything being so easy and accessible now, there’s a generation out there who almost expects to know what you look like and could be put off by not being able to see. Showing your prospective clients who you or your team are can help you become more of a person than just a brand name, and people like people. 
  • It can show your personality. Just because a headshot is a professional image doesn’t mean you can’t show your personality through it. 
  • You can use them across different platforms – social media channels, your website (about us pages), business cards, marketing materials, etc.
  • They can attract potential employees – Using quality headshots that are all consistent in style for your business website shows order and that you’ve invested in your employees by getting those headshots in the first place. And ultimately, most people want to feel valued in a company. 
  • And lastly, all these things help attract more business for you, which will help you grow.

What makes a good headshot?

portrait photographyYou probably know the basics of what a good headshot is. You’ll have seen those images where people have cropped from parties, and there’s a disco ball above their head, or they’ve cropped out their best friend, and an arm is still in the image. Or it’s got terrible lighting, and you can’t quite make out the person as best you should where they’ve tried to brighten that nightclub photo. Those photos are great, but they’re probably best suited to your personal pages that aren’t promoting your professional career. 

It’s possible most of us have started this way. And it’s totally understandable. When you set up most social media profiles you’re asked to include an image, and you find whatever you have at the time. Not so strangely, not everyone has a headshot ready to use when they set up their LinkedIn profile. 

But what it does mean is it’s usually a cropped image you think looks most professional on your camera roll because, let’s face it, one of you taking tequila shots at the bar is fun but not appropriate to use if you’re applying for a job. 

So, what makes a good headshot?

High quality imageLow-resolution image 
Good lighting A selfie
Suitable backgroundA cropped image 
Matches your branding – personal or corporateBad lighting 


Why should you use a professional photographer for your quality headshots?

photography melbourneProfessionals know their stuff. That’s why they’re professionals. All those things that make a good headshot, a great photographer knows those things like the back of their hand, and they’re the best people to help you get those sleek, professional-looking shots that match your brand and style. 

In Melbourne and need a photographer?

We’ve got some great photographers who we trust a lot, and we’d love nothing more than to lend them to you if you need a Melbourne based photographer to get your solo headshot or a whole team/company’s worth. 

Take a look at some of their work here. Or get in contact so we can put you in touch with someone suited to you.  

And remember, having a good quality headshot could be the difference between you getting the job or landing the client.