graphic designer melbourneBranding is your business’ identity. It’s how people know who you are. How people recognise your work over someone else’s. And it can be the reason someone chooses you over another company. 

Branding can even be a key part of why you choose one product over another. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Dominos, McDonalds, all of these are trusted businesses. You’d much rather go to one of these brands than try something new, because you already know what you’re getting. You trust that they’ll provide what you already know they will. Their products stand out among their competitors and that’s not by coincidence. 

There are several distinctive features that make up your branding:

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts
  • A possible slogan or tagline 
  • Images
  • Language
  • Positioning

Logo Design Melbourne

Here at Marcadet we have all the design skills to help you put your branding together. 

logo design melbourneWe use natural aesthetics, and designs that are done by hand with water colours, pencils and ink and then digitise them so you can use them to build your company. 

Your branding is so important and will be incorporated into everything you do especially, your marketing and advertising. 

Think about if you create a newsletter, a letterhead, a website, or an advert you’re going to want to keep your colours, your logo, your font, even your tone of voice consistent, not only so it looks professional but so people start to recognise you. 

Your branding & logo is an integral part of your business

Your brand may change over time. You may modernise your logo or add a new colour into your palette. You might even rebrand completely. 

If you’re starting out and need help creating your branding from scratch or even going through a rebrand, Marcadet can help you do the research and figure out the direction you want to go in. We can create your design elements – logos, illustrations, colour palettes – and piece everything together. Ready for you to share your brand with the world and put you above your competitors. 

Branding and Logo Design Melbourne
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