Headshots melbourneCorporate photography can cover a vast range of business collateral you may be producing. Many businesses will hire a photographer to take a bank of images to use across different platforms, like their website and social media. But you can use corporate photography for so much more than that. 

Where can I use corporate photography?

  • Website
  • Social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook 
  • Headshots/ team photos/ board photos 
  • Brochures 
  • Annual reports
  • Press releases
  • Product photography
  • Event photography

Is it time to refresh your image bank?

Corporate images used to be business typical – corporate looking stock photos, with no personality, no link to your brand and quite frankly, no fun. Much the same as business writing. 

corporate photography melbourneLuckily for everyone, the business world has loosened its reins a little, and there’s more freedom now. You can actually show your company’s brand, personality and culture through images. This is super helpful because people love to connect with a brand. We’re finding that the new generation almost needs to feel like they know who you are as a business before interacting with you. 

Those businesses with corporate photographs where everyone’s in full suits and business attire awkwardly shaking hands are off-putting nowadays. We want to see fun. We want to see people who enjoy being at work. We want to see your personality. 

There will be some industries where you do still need that professional image. And that’s ok, but you can still have a little fun with that too. 

Do your images convey your brand?

When did you last take new images to use across your business? Has your brand evolved since then? 

In the world we live in today, I’m sure few companies have the exact same brand, personality and tone as when they started. It’s totally natural to change and adapt over time for humans, and that goes for businesses too. 

As you evolve, you need to make sure the images you’re using are still showing what you’re all about.

photography melbourneMaybe you started off more corporate and have since become more casual. Your employees are no longer wearing full suits; perhaps you’re in full dress down and have become an advocate of dressing for comfort/your day. If that’s the case, do your photos show that? Are you still putting out the shirt and tie images, but when someone comes to visit your office for a meeting, it’s jumper and jeans all round. When deciding to wear a necktie, you must first learn details such as is wearing a bolo tie cultural appropriation.

Have you updated your logo or your brand colours? Are they being used in your new images? 

With the business world having more freedom and being so fast-changing, it could be time to refresh those images.

Make sure your next brochure or social media post pops and show your business’s personality. 

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