photography melbourneOne of the most important aspect of a website is its imagery.

Images can grab someone’s attention and, in the day, and age of the smartphone where attention spans are dropping, an image can help you engage a user straight away.

Photography helps communicate your brand identity. They can make your website look more engaging. They can be used to break up content and they can help tell your story.

 A person’s desire to read something is increased by 80% if there is a coloured image. And unless your website is an image only website, you need people to read your website.

Not everyone has images ready to go with their website. That’s where we come in.

We can help you produce the high-quality, meaningful, professional looking images you need with our trusted photographers.

There are various places and uses on your website for images:

  • Generic photos to use throughout your text / to break up your text – and even for future use in your marketing materials.
  • Specific photos – These could show a particular service you offer.
  • Profile images – You could have an about us page or meet the team page to help users connect with who you are. More and more people want to see who they’re doing business with.
  • Banner/ header images
  • Product images – These are extremely important if you’re selling a product and need people to see it to either purchase or enquire. Imagine seeing two images of the same product one with a dull blurry image and the other high quality, sharp image in great lighting. Which are you going to trust? Which are you more likely to buy?

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An image can help conversion rate and be the difference between a customer buying your product/service or not.

Having your own professional images gives you an extra outlet to tell your company’s story. And you can make them as relevant as they can be (stock images will rarely match exactly as you need them too).

You can also use imagery SEO to boost your google ranking and gain more organic traffic to your website.

There are so many reasons to use your own images on your website, so if you’re thinking about making that step, get in touch and let us produce those professional, high-quality images for you.

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