website photographerThe simple answer, yes absolutely, if you have the means to do so. The longer answer, still yes, but here’s why. 

A person’s desire to read something is increased by 80% if there is a coloured image. And unless your website is an image only website, you need people to read the content on your website.

Images can grab someone’s attention and, in the day, and age of the smartphone where attention spans are dropping, an image can help you engage a user straight away.

Photographs can help communicate your brand identity. They can make your website look more engaging. They can be used to break up content and they can help tell your story.

Why can’t I just use stock images?

You can use stock images for your website and they’re a good starting point for any business. But they’re just that, a starting point or a filler if you realise there’s a particular image you don’t have.

The positive of using stock images is that they have been taken by a photographer. So they will look very clean and professional, which is exactly what you want for your website. 

The downside to stock images is that they’re often not very specific to your website/company/industry. They’ve been made so they are generic enough that everyone can use them. And whilst they are sleek and professional, if your branding requires something other than that, they may not suffice. 

web photographerSo, why should I get my own photographer?

There are a few reasons you should get your own photographer – if you can. 

  1. You can customise your photos.

    Remember how we said earlier that stock images are great but generic. Well, if you get your own photographer it means you can have images that are specific to you. Your people, your operations, and your products. This will help people connect better with your business.
  2. You can have a professional meet the team page

    Whether you have a small family run business or a large company, a meet the team page can be very useful, both internally and externally. Showing the people of your business makes it easy for people to identify who works for you and it makes your business more personable. You’re no longer just a logo but you are people and humanising a company is always a win.

    It can help users and customers get to the right person. Let’s say you’re a company with a sales team but there are a few different departments or people who are responsible for specific elements or even regions. A meet the team page can help customers reach the right person quickly, bettering their experience with you.
  3. professional photographerIt could improve employee engagement

    If you have images with your employees they’ll be super happy to see themselves being showcased as a part of your business. They’re likely to feel a sense of pride which could also help retain those employees.
  4. And most importantly, a professional website photographer will understand your branding, identity and goals and be able to relay that the best possible way.

    A professional photographer isn’t just someone with more expensive equipment. Much like we have an extensive knowledge of web design and SEO, and you have a vast knowledge of your profession, photographers are masters of theirs.

    They know the best angles, the best lighting, the best ways to edit images, the way someone will come across if they’re face on rather than side on. They know how to take your branding and identity and convey that in images. They can take high-resolution images so you can use them for your website, but also potentially repurpose them for your marketing collateral – your brochures, your leaflets, anything you need an image for.

    melbourne photographerA professional photographer will know what to photograph, and how to photograph it. They’ll know how to do that to convey your brand identity. So, if your branding is sleek and professional, the images will show that. If you’re a business with a quirky vibe, they’ll be able to show that too. 

So back to the earlier question, should you use a professional photographer for your website images? Absolutely!

We work with some great photographers to suit all budgets so if you’re looking for a couple to get you going purely for your website, or the full catalogue of images to use across your business through multiple platforms, we’ve got the photographer for you. Take a better look at how we can help or get in touch and we’ll get those tailored images as soon as we can.

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