SEO trainingNew Year is famous for people setting goals and resolutions for the year. The common ones are usually to change jobs, earn more money, exercise more, eat healthier and read more. One of my personal goals is to upskill myself this year. 

Which, biasedly, I think is a great one because it can feed into others too. To up-skill myself I may need to read a book (tick for reading more), and it may earn me more money in the long run or land me a new job (tick for those too).

If you’re looking to earn more or expand your business why not do it by up-skilling yourself and hitting two goals in one? Why not expand your WordPress and SEO knowledge? 

Marcadet can help you upskill yourself with WordPress and with SEO. We know that courses aren’t one size fits all and so we tailor our courses based on what you need. If you want just WordPress we can do that, if you need just SEO backlinks and keyword research we can do that too. 

And it doesn’t just have to be a one-person course. If you’ve got a whole design team or content team you want to have in the training we can arrange that. 

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia so if you’re local to us we can arrange a time to come to you, or we can choose an external venue for both of us, a mutual ground. If you’re not in Melbourne then we can do it via video chat. 

So, why upskill yourself on WordPress? | WordPress Training

wordpress trainingHaving a web designer make changes to your website takes the pressure off you and that’s great, but what if you need to make a very small change, like a link update or the name and image of someone in your team. You don’t want to have to wait and leave it unchanged until you have enough to send a web designer to change.

Having those WordPress skills and being able to go in and make small changes yourself can make a huge difference to you and your business. And if you run a website that sells products, being able to add and remove products to reflect your stock could be incredibly helpful to you. 

Having the WordPress skills to be able to completely refresh your site is a game-changer. It means you can change things at a moment’s notice and you can spend the money you would normally spend on a web designer elsewhere, to help grow your business. 

We teach the basics:

  • Layouts
  • Pages
  • Posts

And the more advanced stuff:

  • Design customisation 
  • Plugins
  • Monetisation tools 

And if you’re not sure what you know and what you don’t we can work that out and go from there. 

Why improving your SEO skills is important

Search Engine optimisation (SEO) helps increase traffic to your website. It gets you the right visitors to your site, those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. 

There are lots of different elements of SEO: 

  • Keyword research
  • Content writing
  • Meta content
  • Link building 
  • Internal structure

If you’re just starting you may want to learn the basics to help put you on the Google ‘ranking’ map. You may have created your website some time ago because you needed one but now you’re established, have some clients, and are looking to expand, you need to know the ins and outs of how to get more people to your site. Well, that’s where SEO comes in and we can help you learn what you need to get started. 

If you know how SEO works but could do with a refresher, we can evaluate your current SEO knowledge and see what improvements we can make to help you climb the rankings and get those customers coming to you.

You might have a couple of new members to your team that you’d like to bring up to speed, we can tailor our course to fill in the blanks of what’s missing or develop those skills further. 

Whatever it is you need, we can help. 

And they don’t have to be separate, if you’re looking to combine the two and improve your WordPress and SEO skills at the same time, we can absolutely do that too. 

We love working one-on-one with each of our clients – it’s our favourite part – and we want you to walk away excited and knowledgeable to keep your website up to date. 

We love it even more if you’re Melbourne based and we can do it face-to-face but in the current pandemic fuelled world, we know that’s becoming harder. 

Contact us here and see how we can help you with your WordPress and SEO training.

WordPress and SEO training