video production melbourneYou’ve got your business up and running, you’ve got your website (hopefully made by us), you’re getting traffic and now you’re looking to up your video marketing game to increase your traffic. 

And who could blame you. ‘Take a tumble’ estimated that by the end of 2021, 79% of internet traffic in Australia would come from videos. 

If you’re expanding into video content, whether that’s for your website, to use on social media, to use internally or maybe all three then using a video production company/ videographer is always worth considering. 

And here’s why. 

The advantages

  • Professional and polished high quality videos 

When it comes to videography, most of the time, you want your videos to look professional. You’ll want them to be sleek and polished. You want people to think you’ve put the time, effort and money you have into them so people know you’re serious and know you’re worth investing in. A professional videographer can help you do just that and it’s because they have the…

  • Professional equipment 

Video production is their career so they’ll have the right tools and equipment to do that. They’ll have the expensive lights, cameras, microphones and editing software that are costly – especially for those not making videos on a regular basis. 

  • They are skilled experts

You know the age old saying ‘leave it to the experts’? Well, videographers are just that, experts in their own field. They do this for a living, potentially for you and lots of other clients.

It might be that you’re not looking for your normal videography, but an animated video, and in that case, even more reason to leave it to an expert. Imagine learning how long it would take to learn the process of making an animated video whilst making one that’s good enough to use for a business. Having someone who knows what they’re doing can help you too.

Your finished product will be better, you’ll get some advice along the way and they’re quicker. That’s not to say that quality is less though. If I did a 100m sprint, against Usian Bolt, he obviously wins, but my slow speed doesn’t mean I ran better, he’s still the expert and it’s because of that he can get the job done quicker.

  • They are an external resource

Which for you, means rather than taking ‘Megan from the accounting team’ (who has a keen interest in videography), away from the usual things she does, a video production company can deal with the video from start to finish so you can carry on growing your usual business.

  • Strong clear message

As we already mentioned these people are experts at what they do, they have the equipment and the time to dedicate to making sure you get exactly what you want out of your video – a strong clear message/ call to action. 

The disadvantages of going it alone

Some of these we’ve inadvertently mentioned above and it’s not to say the below disadvantages will all be true. For those companies who do have an in-house video production team, these disadvantages might not exist, but on the assumption you’re here because you don’t, here they are. 

  • A less professional and polished looking video 
  • A diluted message
  • Low quality of work – lesser skilled videographer
  • Time consuming 
  • Expensive – if you need to buy equipment or editing software

So, should you hire a videographer or video production company to make your videos?

We think so, yes. 

Not only will you get better quality content, but you could learn something and get advice for your future videos along the way too.

If you’ve got the budget it’s a worthwhile investment to make. Depending what your content is, you can potentially repurpose it for other channels too (website, social media, video reels). Video reels in particular, are always a good way to close out the year with your wins and highlight your successes. 

If you’re local to Melbourne, Australia, we’ve got some great videographers we can put you in contact with to suit all budgets. Just in contact with us here. And if you’re a little further afield, you can always take a look around or ask for recommendations from other businesses or friends.