Word of mouth used to be a great way to grow your business. Having your business advertised in the local paper also used to be a great way to get noticed. And they still work, but we’re moving into a digital world, so a business website is crucial.

You can do everything online now. Talk to your friends and family from across the world, do your grocery shopping, order clothes, book a holiday, read a book, listen to a podcast, watch tv. 

And there is a whole generation of people who do everything online. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s also become vital to some to do various things online, like order their shopping.  

So, if you don’t have a business website yet, it’s something you should be considering if you want to keep up. It doesn’t have to be all singing and dancing to get going; it can be as basic as you need. You can evolve it as you become more familiar with the web design world. Or, if you do want to go for the all singing and dancing version, you could have someone design it for you.

What is web design? | business website

Web design is the process of arranging your content to create a website. It’s the working out of what goes where, what looks good and how to make it work best for the person using your website. 

What’s included when we do your web design?

business websiteWe cover a lot of different elements when we design your business website. We work with you to figure out what’s best for you and your business and what will help you grow.

  • Visual design – Making your website look good for you and your intended audience whilst also keeping it easy to navigate.
  • Structure  – What goes where? What’s a logical way for your customers to click through to the different pages on your website. 
  • Content – What do you need on each page? Words, pictures, videos, links. What do your customers need to see?
  • SEO – What keywords do you want to rank for/ What’s best for your business?
  • Photography – Where should you use images, and what images should you use?
  • Videography – Where should you use video, and what videos should you use?

Do I need training to build a business website?

wordpress trainingIf you’re looking to build your website, you will need some knowledge to do it, and it will depend on which hosting platform you use as to how much knowledge you need. 

We use WordPress, which is pretty easy to use. But, as you will have seen from the list above, it’s not just about putting things on a page. You need to work out a logical structure, include keywords in your content, use videos and photos in the right places. All these things improve your SEO, which can help drive more traffic to your website. (You can read more about SEO here). 

If we design your website, we go through each element with you, providing training as we go. We want to empower you to go forth and conquer without us so you can make changes as and when you need to. But, if you still need us, that’s fine too. 

Having an online presence doesn’t need to be a daunting task, and not everything needs to be perfect straight off, but if that is what you want, we can help you achieve that.