SEO Overview

content writingYou probably already know what SEO is and why it’s so important and that’s why you’re here, but for those who may have stumbled across this by accident, SEO is the method used to place your website or content at a higher rank on a Google search. 

There are lots of different elements that are involved in SEO, (keyword research, content writing, meta content, link building and internal structure, and each one has it’s importance. So, let’s talk about content writing. 

Content Writing

Once you’ve done your keyword research it’s time to implement those selected words and phrases into your content, whether that’s your whole website or just a particular blog post. And content doesn’t just have to be the text on your website, pictures and videos count as content too. 

By using your keywords and phrases in your text, Google will know that’s what it is about and will be able to place you in its results when someone searches for those terms. 

But it does have to be organic. It’s no good just repeating the keywords in your text all willy nilly. If you do that, even if you do show up first, your content is going to be so repetitive that the person reading it will hit back and choose the next link down instead. You need to think about how you can weave your keywords into your content naturally.

Natural Writing

By using that natural approach, it means your content is actually going to be useful. People aren’t going to leave your website quickly after reading that word or phrase over and over. They’ll stick around. They’ll soak in the information you’re offering. They’ll look at the products or services you’re selling. – Well, at least that’s the aim. And if they stick around on your website that helps with SEO for you too. You don’t want bounce back stats or low conversion rates. You want those people who have found you to be your customers, and that’s why content writing is so important to SEO. 

Blogs | Content Writing

Blog posts are one of the simpler ways to make sure you’ve got a consistent flow of SEO content on your website. A weekly post to your website could be a great way to use a range of keywords. You can tailor each post to a particular keyword rather than trying to cram everything into your website content. 

If you’re selling products that require guides, having these accessible via your website gives you another avenue to provide high value content and another chance to weave those keywords and phrases into your content writing.

Images And Video

As mentioned earlier, images and videos are also content. If you produce a video on your particular keyword, there’s a good chance you’ll rank higher with it than a page of text given there are lots more web pages than videos out there. 

There are lots of expert writers out there that can help produce that content for you if you’re not too sure what you’re doing. Or, as always there’s a wealth of knowledge and lots of courses out there that are easily accessible. Including our own. 


Marcadet has WordPress and SEO courses that are individually tailored to you, so we can cover the parts you want to. If you know the rest and need help with content writing, we can help you with that specifically, but if you’re at the beginning of your SEO journey, we can cover it all. Get in touch to find out more about our WordPress and SEO courses.