In today’s fast-paced business world, the right image can speak volumes. Whether you’re launching a new product or updating your brand’s look, high-quality corporate photography plays a pivotal role. But when it comes to getting those perfect shots, companies often face a dilemma: should they invest in in-house photography or outsource to experts like Marcadet. Let’s dive deep into both options.

In-House Corporate Photography


Full Control: Having an in-house team means you can dictate every aspect of the shoot, from the concept to the final edits.

Immediate Access: Need a quick photo for an impromptu marketing campaign? Your team is always on hand.

Brand Understanding: An in-house team is constantly immersed in your brand, often resulting in photos that fit seamlessly with your company’s ethos.


Initial Costs: Setting up an in-house team can be pricey. Think equipment, studio space, and hiring professional photographers.

Limited Resources: In-house teams can be stretched thin, potentially affecting the quality of the images.

Possible Stagnation: Getting too comfortable with a particular style might lead to monotonous imagery.

Outsourced Corporate Photography


Expertise on Demand: With agencies like Marcadet, you’re getting a team with vast experience and expertise.

Cost-Effective: No need for hefty initial investments; just pay for the services rendered.

Fresh Perspective: External teams often bring in a fresh viewpoint and innovative ideas.


Less Control: You might have to relinquish some control over the shoot details.

Availability: Popular agencies are often booked in advance, so you might need to plan ahead.

Brand Alignment: There might be a slight learning curve as the agency gets familiar with your brand.

The Australian Government supports businesses in making informed decisions. Their website offers valuable insights into the pros and cons of outsourcing various services. Likewise, Fair Work Australia provides guidelines on hiring practices, which could be beneficial if considering an in-house team.

In-depth Insight into In-House Photography

When a brand chooses to set up an in-house photography team, it’s making a commitment to incorporate visual content creation seamlessly into its daily operations. It allows for swift and adaptable content production, meeting the evolving needs of marketing and promotional campaigns. The brand values and essence are deeply ingrained in every photo, ensuring a consistent visual identity across all platforms.

However, developing a proficient in-house team requires considerable time, effort, and financial investment. You would need to provide advanced equipment, proper training, and suitable workspace, which can elevate the operational costs. Additionally, the potential for creative stagnation is another concern, as the team may lack exposure to varied projects and ideas, hindering innovation and diversification in visual content.

Exploring the Outsourced Photography Landscape

Outsourcing to professional agencies like Marcadet opens up a world of possibilities. We provides access to a pool of experienced and creative minds who have diverse exposure and specialized skills in corporate photography. We bring a fresh, outsider’s perspective and can inject innovative and creative concepts into your projects, enriching your brand’s visual narrative.

Another notable benefit is the cost-effectiveness. You only incur expenses for the projects undertaken, avoiding the ongoing costs associated with maintaining an in-house team. However, it’s crucial to maintain open communication and provide clear guidelines to ensure the agency’s output aligns well with your brand’s image and values.

Balance and Harmony

Many companies find a balanced approach to be the most beneficial, combining the strengths of both in-house and outsourced photography. This strategy enables brands to have the flexibility and control of an in-house team for immediate needs and day-to-day content creation, while also leveraging the specialized skills and fresh perspectives of an external agency for larger campaigns or projects.

Employing a balanced approach also allows companies to manage their resources more efficiently, allocating internal and external assets based on project requirements and budget constraints. This harmonious blend can lead to the creation of rich, diverse, and high-quality visual content that resonates with the audience and elevates the brand image.

The Australian Government’s business advisory services can offer insights and guidance on effectively managing in-house and outsourced services, aiding businesses in navigating their choices and making informed decisions.

The Impact on Brand Image

Whether you opt for in-house or outsourced, the ultimate goal is to create compelling visual content that enhances your brand image. It is paramount to maintain consistency in visual elements, reflecting your brand values accurately, and resonating with your target audience.

Your choice between in-house and outsourced photography will greatly influence how your brand is perceived. It’s essential to weigh the pros and cons meticulously, considering your brand’s unique needs, objectives, and resources. The decision should align with your overall business strategy, ensuring that every image captured tells your brand story compellingly and authentically.

Reflecting on Choices and Opportunities

The journey to finding the right fit for your corporate photography needs can be enlightening. It can provide deep insights into your brand’s core values, aspirations, and the narratives you wish to convey. Whether you choose to build a dedicated in-house team, partner with a professional agency like Marcadet, or find harmony in a balanced approach, the essence is to stay true to your brand and create visual masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.


Whether you opt for in-house or outsourced photography largely depends on your brand’s specific needs, budget, and goals. Marcadet offering top-tier corporate photography solutions, the outsourced route is gaining traction. Reach out to Marcadet and let’s capture your brand in its best light.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corporate photography?
Corporate photography refers to professional images captured for business purposes, like branding, marketing, or internal communications. Check out our portfolio for examples.

Why is high-quality imagery important for businesses?
Top-notch photos convey professionalism, boost brand perception, and often lead to better customer engagement.

How do I choose between in-house and outsourced photography?
Assess your budget, frequency of shoots, and desired control level.

What is the cost of outsourced corporate photography?
Costs vary based on requirements. It’s best to contact us for a custom quote.

How do I ensure brand consistency with an external agency?
Communication is key. Share brand guidelines, previous images, and your vision with the agency.

Are there any legalities involved in corporate photography?
Yes. Ensure permissions, copyright issues, and contracts are clear. Refer to the Australian Copyright Council for guidance.

Do I need to provide equipment for outsourced shoots?
Typically, professional agencies bring their own equipment. Discuss specifics with your chosen agency.

Can I have a mix of both in-house and outsourced photography?
Many businesses opt for this blend, tapping into external expertise for specific campaigns.

How long does a corporate photoshoot take?
Duration varies based on project scope. Discuss timelines with your agency to plan effectively.