email-backupWe thought it was time to remind you all to backup your emails, as it seems some of your inboxes are getting pretty full. Unfortunately many people don’t start backing up their emails until they have a disaster and realise how important some of their emails were.

Although we have never had a client on our server get hacked and lose data it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Also as your business grows you unfortunately make yourself a bigger target, so it might be time to put a good backup regime in place now.

The below method is for anyone using email through our server. For anyone else there are about 1000 options for backing up so I would suggest googling backup options for the specific email software you use. There are heaps of really good tutorials out there for mac mail, outlook, thunderbird and all other mail clients. Anyone on our server can also backup through their mail software if they prefer. Anyway, this is the easy option for any of you on our server:

Backup through your webmail

  1. Login to your email at using your email as your username.
  2. Right click (pc) or control click (mac) on the folder you want to backup and select export.
  3. Select the type of backup you want (I just use the default) and click ok.
  4. The download should begin, it may take a while if you have a large folder or haven’t cleaned out you inbox for a while.
  5. That’s it. Make sure you store the backup in a secure place and/or on an external drive.

If you have any trouble with this method or would like to discuss other backup options for your site and/or email give us a call +61 3 9016 9784